Tuesday, January 13, 2009

While I know that I am not supposed to post here for a while, I have to get started because I think Eldar is a poop and therefore should be dumped

Thank you for your consideration.


This post has nothing to do with dumping Chad, but I hought our readers might like to know that January is National Stalking Awareness month.

Please take a moment to review the materials included on the site, so you can determine whether or not you are being stalked.

We will return shortly to posting obsessively about how Chad the Elder should be dumped.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to Dump the Elder

The purpose of this blog is to expose as much as possible about Chad the Elder to make sure he knows his damn place.

Entries will be posted every week to week and a half as information becomes available. As with any personal smear "dump" crapblog, this is a marathon, NOT a sprint. Just ask Eva Young.

Mitch Berg - who is the conscience and the backbone of the MOB - has already been contacted about this website. Dump Elder will be a factual and hard hitting website. For if not us, whom? If not now, when? If not Elder, who? And if not beacause, why?